Current batches feature beans from Madagascar’s Bejofo Estate, an organic cacao orchard in northwest Madagascar’s Sambirano valley. The chocolate tends to have flavors of citrus and ripe red fruit. Our Milk bars are refined for half the time of our Dark bars, which means that less of the cocoa’s natural volatiles evaporate out. While the volatiles could be distracting in a Dark bar, they make the Milk bars amazingly flavorful and complex - unlike any milk chocolate you’ve ever had.


WellFound bars are 3 oz of small-batch, bean to bar chocolate. Each batch is unique, but the focus is always on great tasting chocolate. In other words, we embrace inconsistency - as long as it tastes great!


56% cacao content


Ingredients: cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk, clarified butter


Contains no soy, nuts, or gluten


Tasting Notes, courtesy of our friends at Cocoa Beantown Tours and Events:

  • vanilla note forward
  • robust cocoa flavor
  • some notes of berry fruit
  • some graininess in initial melt, but overall nice mouthfeel
  • very pleasant aftertaste



WellFound Milk Chocolate Bar



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