Cooking with Chocolate: Chip Cookies

October 12, 2018

Let's say that you want to make chocolate chip cookies - the highest, most perfect form of cookie. Since you are a person of good taste (Exhibit A: you are here), you undoubtedly have a dozen or more WellFound Chocolate bars on hand. You are in luck. WellFound Chocolate is perfect in chocolate chip cookies.


But there's a problem. There are over twelve million ways (rough estimate) to make chocolate chip cookies. Soft or crunchy? Thin or cakey? Chips, chunks or flakes? Think the internet will help you decide? It won't. You'll be stuck in a rabbit hole for days, forgetting your work, your family and your hygiene. Until you find this page.


Friends, there is one true cookie recipe. It is better than all others. Let your anxiety and indecision melt away. You are safe now.


The greatest chocolate chip cookie recipe in the world comes from a stalwart of American fine dining: Thomas Keller. Pull out your copy of Keller's Ad Hoc At Home and turn to page 326. There it is. But there's more.


I once read a remarkable insight on chocolate chips, which I will attribute to James Beard Award winning pastry chef and author Stella Parks. She said, the trouble with uniform chocolate chips is that every bite of cookie tastes the same. Extraordinary as the cookie may be, it becomes less and less satisfying with every bite since there is no variety.


Eureka! The secret is to start with best ever cookie recipe (thanks Tom), and chop your different kinds of WellFound Chocolate (thanks Jarvis) into different size pieces (you too Stella). The result is a perfect cookie with perfectly random and varied chips to create an endlessly satisfying experience. Time for a nap.

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