Fear and Blooming in Summer

August 22, 2019

Summertime can be harsh on chocolate. When the temperature rises (say, 80+ degrees indoors), the cocoa butter in chocolate can soften and ruin the chocolate's temper - the beautiful, stable crystal structure that chocolate makers work hard to achieve. This creates bloom, where the chocolate starts to look hazy, spotty, or even psychedelic. The chocolate is still good, but the texture is out of whack. So, what are your options?


Prevention: Unless you have a well air conditioned home, your options for keeping chocolate in a cool, dry place during the summer months can be limited. Fortunately, your refrigerator can do the job. But this comes with a catch. Chocolate should be kept sealed tight in the fridge, ideally in its own container. You should also be wary of removing more chocolate from the fridge than you need, because humidity will condense on the bar and cause more temper problems (a temper tantrum, if you will). So, just remove what you need at a time, or eat everything that you take from the fridge all at once. Easy.


Correction: When chocolate is out of temper, you can always re-temper it. Never tried? Youtube how to temper chocolate. It's a hoot. Even better, I like melting it down, which eliminates the bloom problem altogether. Then you have melted chocolate, which is perfect for hundreds of desserts, baked goods, or chocolatey drinks.


With a bit of planning, your chocolate will stay perfect all summer long. Failing that, start melting and get eating. LMK me when you run out.

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